Why choose Arizona Language and Transportation Services?

ALTS was created by Sahra Hirsi as she noticed the need for translation and transportation services in Arizona.  Sahra knows the challenges refugees face.  She was exiled from her home in Somalia to live in a refugee camp in Kenya for 15 years.  Her move to Tucson has driven her to work to change and better the lives of other refugees.


ALTS goal is to make sure its customers arrive at their appointments promptly, and that all the information communicated in the appointment is understood by the customer.  ALTS works to make the processes efficient for patients as well as the healthcare provider.  ALTS works with the insurance providers to contract these services, therefore they are of minimal cost to our clients.


Arizona Language and Transportation Services believes that it is important to aide individuals in assimilating into their communities. ALTS is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual agency that specializes in working with diverse populations.